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Celebrating 150 years 1862 - 2012

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Chilham’s Got Talent 6 . . . . less than 5 days to go – NEWS HERE!!!

The Wrens are performing ‘I am the Music Man’. The Herons are represented by Ranjeet playing ‘Daddy was a bank robber’ on the ukulele, Harriet, Jayleigh and Yasmine dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’ and William, Wayne and Jamie dancing to ‘Walk the dinosaur’
From The Martins class we have Phoebe doing magic ‘Sooty, where are you?’ dancing with Miss Fakley, Skye T will be performing some gymnastics and Eddie is singing ‘Take that Kidz’
In Peacocks, the acts are The Glam Girls, consisting of Susie-May, Janey, Isi, Madi, Maryellen and Helen singing ‘What do you mean?’ and another group consisting of Shannon, Honey, Freya, Fynn and Demi dancing to ‘Love me like you do’
The Dance Club, led by Mrs Ambrose are performing a Samba Dance

Tickets are £1.50 entrance on the door only – refreshments and cakes are available from the PTA from about 1.30 p.m. and showtime is around 1.55 p.m.

Maddie (Chair of the School Council), Mr. Williams and a Governor will be the judges for this year’s show.


Applications for Reception September 2016
The application process closed on 15th January 2016. For late applications, please contact Kent County Council //www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/school-places

Our School

Chilham St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School is a thriving family and community centred school in the heart of beautiful Kent countryside. The children benefit from access to wonderful natural and historic resources literally right on our doorstep. The castle grounds and lake are generously made available to the school for outdoor learning opportunities. We also house our breakfast and lunchtime meals downstairs in a magnificent Tudor building, the upstairs of which is a hall where we assemble for Worship, music lessons and celebrations. The school works closely with Chilham’s Church, the village hall and the fantastically resourced sports ground and hall, which the children use for sports clubs and P.E.

Chilham St. Mary’s is a Church of England Primary School and understanding Christianity and nurturing each child to love others created uniquely in the image of God is pivotal to our daily life at school. We have 6 key virtues or values which we strive to live by whilst at school: Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Generosity, Trust and Pride.

We hope you will enjoy visiting us on our website and if you are interested in your child joining us; to welcoming you at our school very soon.

Ofsted 2013

We pride ourselves on making each child’s journey through our school special and unique with an emphasis on emotionally nurturing each child within a friendly, caring and Christian atmosphere. What is special about our school is how we all work collaboratively so that our children learn in an exciting and motivating way.

In late January 2013, we received an Ofsted inspection which we had been very much looking forward to. Below are some of the comments from that inspection of Chilham St. Mary’s:

 Children make a good start to the Early Years Foundation Stage. By the end of Year 6 pupils achieve well and from their starting points pupils make particularly good progress in mathematics where standards are high.
 Pupils entering the school have a wide range of ability and because every pupil is seen as an individual they achieve well.
 The quality of teaching is good and some is outstanding. Teachers have high expectations and therefore the pace of pupils’ learning is strong.
 Behaviour is outstanding. Pupils are keen to learn and work enthusiastically together. They confidently share their ideas about their work.

Prospective parents

Chilham St. Mary’s currently accepts up to 15 children per year group. The school consists of four classes called the Wrens, Herons, Martins and Peacocks. The Wrens are our youngest – made up of 15 Reception aged children. Years 1 and 2 are The Herons; Years 3 and 4 are The Martins and Years 5 and 6 are the Peacocks.

If you are interested in your child joining us, please contact Melanie Woodland on 01227 730442 to make an appointment or e-mail us at office@chilham.kent.sch.uk

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